Medical nonwoven Disposables Market Report

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Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) has released a new global report on the medical nonwoven disposables markets. The research firm says the market is projected to reach US$22.7 billion by 2020, driven by increasing awareness over the importance of health and hygiene, and growing emphasis on infection control in healthcare settings.

Nonwoven disposables are one of the important constituents of healthcare industry with the product’s disposable attribute offering an edge over woven fabrics used in hospitals. Growth in the global market for medical nonwoven disposables is being driven by factors such as rapid advances in nonwovens production technology, increased focus on preventing hospital acquired infections (HAIs), and improving healthcare infrastructure and services across developing countries. Focus on infection control as a means to cut healthcare costs implies that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are looking at disposables as essentials. Growing awareness over the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis has fuelled demand from hospitals for clean, sanitary and disposable products for safeguarding patients and doctors from infections. Health needs of an aging population, increasing incidence of chronic illnesses, and the continuous rise in hospital admissions are driving demand for medical nonwoven disposables. Market growth is also attributed to the rise in surgical procedures (inpatient and outpatient) and the trend towards home healthcare. With stringent regulations adopted for safety at healthcare facilities, demand for nonwoven products such as facial masks, gowns, drapes, gloves, and wipes is on the rise. Apart from medical supplies market, nonwovens are also used in adult incontinence care products.

As stated by the new market research report titled, "Medical Nonwoven Disposables: A Global Strategic Business Report," Europe represents the largest market worldwide. The region is expected to continue witnessing strong demand as national standards have been implemented to ensure harmony with EN (European Standards) for medical devices and protective equipment. Compared to developed regions such as the U.S., Europe, and Japan, demand for medical nonwoven disposables is relatively low in developing countries due primarily to low income levels and high prices of disposables. Lack of awareness about benefits offered by disposables particularly in infection control is also cited as a reason for the comparatively low sales of nonwovens. Asia-Pacific is forecast to spearhead future growth with a CAGR of 7% over the analysis period.

Incontinence products represents the largest product category in the global medical nonwoven disposables market. An increase in the number of people affected by incontinence and the introduction of innovative products, such as thinner and rustle-free diapers, are driving market growth. Though North America and Europe are major markets, Asia-Pacific is emerging as a market with enormous potential for incontinence products due to the aging population, particularly in China. Surgical nonwoven products represents the fastest growing market segment with growth attributed to the constant demand for nonwoven gowns, drapes, masks, caps, sheets and gauze as a means to prevent cross-infections in healthcare facilities.

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